Our JEDI Mission and Philosophy

The Department of Neurobiology is a basic science department, which studies the nervous system and its role in health and disease.  We seek to bring together a community of researchers and administrators in a diverse, collegial environment that supports and appreciates the contribution and aspirations of everyone working towards this goal.  

We are thus committed to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging for all members of the department regardless of their title or rank.  By establishing a flourishing and inclusive community, we will further promote scientific excellence, outstanding scholarship and innovation.  Together, we strive for open dialogue, a practice of inclusion and the free exchange of ideas/data and knowledge that nurtures the success of all.

In conjunction with the DGSOM JEDI Office, we are focusing on the following priority areas.


We recognize that our people are our most important asset.   We value diversity and are intentionally working to improve the inclusion of underrepresented groups among our faculty, staff, trainee, and researcher ranks.


We are listening to the needs of the members of our department, to create an environment that is inclusive and supportive of every member of the department, regardless of rank or title.

Structural Equity

We are working to provide every member of the department with the necessary support, opportunities, resources, policies, and procedures in an equitable and transparent manner.

Professional Development/Education

We are committed to providing every member of the department with opportunities for learning, training and professional development to permit them to succeed, and (where appropriate) prepare them for the next stages in their careers or academic journeys. Our professional development and educational programs are administered by the Neurobiology JEDI Working Group.

  • JEDI Discussion Series: This bimonthly series provides an opportunity for ALL members of the department (staff, faculty, postdocs, researchers, trainees, students) to come together to learn about and discuss JEDI issues/topics/themes. 
    • To create an anti-racism and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) culture in the department that includes everyone
    • To create a sense of community and belonging as well as respect for the knowledge and experience(s) of department members at all levels
  • “Walk in my Shoes” Neurobiology/Delaware State University Exchange Program

Community Engagement

We contribute to hands on research experiences for K-12 students in the LA area, as well summer research programs for undergraduate from minority serving institutions.  We are also partnering with diverse institutions to exchange intellectual and scientific ideas and build mutual understanding and trust.      

  • BRI outreach and community programs
  • “Walk in my Shoes” Neurobiology/Delaware State University Exchange Program (details to come)
  • DSU and Charles Drew University shared classroom experiences (details to come)