Staff: Administrative & SRAs

All staff in the Department of Neurobiology are welcomed to participate in the department’s bimonthly JEDI Discussion Series.  For more information and a schedule of events, please see .

Staff Research Associates have resources available for professional development opportunities per Article 8 of their contract.  “A non-probationary employee is eligible for up to forty (40) hours of paid release time for job-related training per calendar year.”  For more details, see:


Available to Staff:  Administrative & SRAs

UCLA Staff Assembly

UCLA Staff Assembly is an organization for staff dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of all staff employees.

LinkedIn Learning

UCLA CHR Learning and Organizational Development has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to a wider audience, and provide you with just in time, personalized training. LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training covering a wide range of technical, business, software, and creative topics.  See: on how to access your free account.

University Extension (UNEX) offers discounts on courses for alumni and University staff.  For more information, see:

Reduced fees for university classes

UC supports employees who want to advance their education and offers tuition and fee discounts to those who are eligible. Tuition discounts are not available for certain self-funded academic programs and extension programs. Regular status employees who meet the admission requirements of the university are eligible for two-thirds reduction of both the University Registration Fee and the Educational Fee when enrolled in regular session courses of up to nine units or three courses per quarter or semester, whichever provides the greater.  For more information, see:,semester%2C%20whichever%20provides%20the%20greater