We Stand with Ukraine flag.

Staff Expresses Solidarity with Ukraine

We, the undersigned members of the UCLA Department of
Neurobiology, stand in resolute solidarity with our
Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people, who are
heroically resisting the Russian Federation’s premeditated
and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine.

We condemn, in the strongest terms, the shocking and
senseless brutality of the Russian military towards the
Ukrainian people, which has resulted in the deaths of
thousands of Ukrainian civilians, and the latest attempted
destruction of Ukraine.

Orkun Akin
James Bisley
Dean Bok
Nick Brecha
Dean Buonomano
Tom Carmichael
Anne Churchland
Hongwei Dong
Jeff Donlea
Reggie Edgerton
Jack Feldman
Ronald Harper
Weizhe Hong
Carolyn Houser
Sotiris Masmanidis
Paul Micevych
Ben Novitch
Carlos Portera-Cailliau
Felix Schweizer
Alcino Silva
Michael Sofroniew
John Schlag
Catia Sternini